About Charlotte

I have been fascinated by photography since childhood. By the age of five, I would try to take the camera away from my parents to photograph my family. At age seven I was given my first camera, a Polaroid one-step, and was so thrilled, I instantly used up all of the film and flash cubes. From that point on I was the family photographer, and unofficially covered all family functions including christenings, outings, parties, weddings, and even a trip to see the Ice Capades!

Along with my natural love for music and art, photography became my passion and my purpose. I submitted myself through countless hours of baby-sitting to cover the photo processing fees. My family was able to provide me with equipment upgrades so I could undertake more complicated subjects. After graduating from high school, I went on to University of Massachusetts at Lowell, where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in photography. During my college years I began work at the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory in Cambridge Massachusetts, eventually accepting a full-time position after graduation.

During my seven years there as company photographer, I had the good fortune to refine my skills by working directly with veteran photographers. As much as I loved my job at Draper, and appreciated the opportunities it offered, I wanted to go back the type of work that attracted me to photography in the first place. I missed interacting with "real people." I wanted to go back to the beginning and photograph families at play, joyfulness at weddings, pets growing up, children at home or on vacation, and grandparents with all of their experience and wisdom revealed in their faces.

With the arrival of the year 2000 as a symbol of new beginnings, I have come full circle, and began my own business doing what I have always loved most, even as a child. I now meet new people every day, and am grateful to have the opportunity to share in their precious moments as they are captured on film forever.

Charlotte Boccuzzi